Wednesday, October 29, 2008

"We are totally MFEO"

You might be wondering to yourself... what in the world does the phrase "MFEO" stand for? Well, in order for you to fully understand I will need to give you a brief history of where I first heard this phrase

MFEO is something that I picked up off the movie "Sleepless in Seattle". If you have seen this movie a million times like I have you might recall the crazy girlfriend of Jonah’s that abbreviates everything and at one point describes Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan’s characters as:
"MFEO…Made for Each Other" or sometimes I like to say "Meant for Each Other"

It was not until my sophomore year of college that this phrase resurfaced while my roommates and I were over analyzing or obsessing about a particular boy. The object of my obsession was most likely the A&M bus driver who resembled Brad Pitt from his earlier days in movies such as, "A River Runs Through It". I totally thought Brad the bus driver would stare at me through the rear view mirror every day while driving me home from my morning class, if I close my eyes I can still see him twirling that toothpick in his mouth. There was also a certain swimmer who came in everyday that I "patrolled" but really just stared at as he swam laps for hours while lifeguarding at the Rec. Oh and I can’t forget the boy who sat across the aisle from me in History of Rock and Roll. Lindsey was in that class with me and got to witness the crazy first hand, good thing she thought that his friend and her were MFEO as well. This helped justify my craziness. The funny thing is I probably said less than 5 sentences to all 3 of them my entire life, but I was still convinced that each of these boys and I were a perfect match.

I couldn't decide which picture was more beautiful....

At first all of my roommates and friends had the same initial question, "who says things like that and what does MFEO stand for?" Once I began to explain it to them I could see the light go off, or what my fellow teachers would say, that "a ha!" moment. Ever since then it has been part of our group vocabulary.

The phrase has already come up in our group blog and there have been a few questions from others regarding it. So I decided that this was the perfect opportunity to explain our crazy lingo and also compile all of the couples that I think are "Meant For Each Other".

Thus I give you the crazies:

Top 15 MFEO

15) Ryan & Rachel

We first witnessed their love story unfold in the movie "The Notebook". From the ferris wheel to dancing on the street without music, we loved it all. Once we found out that these two had a real life romance going on all seemed right in the world. They split briefly and it hurt my heart a little. Luckily on my daily check of (don’t judge me) I saw that they reconciled and I immediately emailed to make sure everyone had heard the news. Close call.

14) Heather & Tom

Ever since I have known Heather Amman she has been in love with Tom Hanks. I used to go over to her house when we were in middle school and we would watch the movie "Splash". I would listen to her go on and on about how she should be Daryl Hannah, and how she was going to marry Tom one day. Heather may be engaged to someone else now, but I will always think that Tom and her are MFEO! Sorry Ty Ty.

Doesn't Heather kind of look like Daryl Hannah below?? yessss

13) Beyonce & Jay-Z

Like Bonnie & Clyde, Beyonce and Hov are meant to be. She is smokin' and needs a man or "Soldier" who will not compete with her hotness...just love her. This is why they make the perfect match.

12) Lindsey & George

Carrie Bradshaw said it best, "Clooney is like a Chanel Suit, he’ll always be in style.

I think Lindsey’s love for George escaladed our senior year of college. She still believes that if she meets him in the airport or at a pub that he would love her...and we totally agree! As you can see we like to encourage the crazy in our group.

George + Lindsey = MFEO!!!!

11) Felicity & Ben

I have to admit that these two were meant to be from the start. We all felt for her when she followed him to college and he didn’t remember her name. He called her crazy to her face and she kept coming back for more. At times I wished she would just get over Ben and go for Noel, but the force could not keep her away.

10) Audrey & Patrick

I think if Audrey had the choice to star in any movie it would be "Dirty Dancing", opposite Patrick Swayze of course! Audrey can quote every line of this movie, from "no one puts baby in the corner" to "I carried a watermelon?" She has also been found on occasion jamming out to "Time of my Life" by herself in her car. I think we all agree that she could pull off those moves and that she belongs with Patrick just as Baby belongs with Johnny.

9) Edward & Bella

"Can you still be a Christian and a Vampire?"~ Anonymous Crazy

These two originate from the popular vampire romance novels that have become the latest obsession among 14-16 yr olds… and a lot of adults around the world. I know this might sound weird but I have dreamt about this book (and know others who have as well…Hollie). Sadly as a 24 year old I am admitting that I am on "Team Edward", for now. I am still learning about Jacob. Also sometimes I secretly wish that vampires existed and that I would fall in love with one. I promise I’m not crazy.

8) Kendall & JC (yessssssssss)

Back in the day I was obsessed with a little known group called... N’SYNC!!!!!! Although I love me some Justin Timberlake, it was the dark haired, handsome other lead vocalist, JC Chasez that won my heart. I had his picture all over my room, his bobble head and I even made a wedding invitation in my high school French class for a project where he was my groom. Luckily one day my inner crazy was welcomed(thanks to my sister stalking their tour bus) and I actually had the opportunity to meet JC. As a result I have a paparazziesque picture that is one of my prized possessions.

7) Jordan Catalano & Angela Chase

"I just like how he is always leaning, like against stuff. He leans great"

Didn't everyone have a "Jordan Catalano" in high school ? It doesnt matter how old you are when you talk about him or remember him you regress to that 15 year old mentality.

6) Hollie & Matt

"Sweetness in Starlight" and "When Red Meets Blue" were written for Hollie. She is his future wife and is not afraid to let him know it.

5) JD & Turk

If you do not watch Scrubs or think that it is funny, well I can not be your friend. I will admit, I never watched this show until a couple of years ago when it began to play in syndication on late night. Now I know that I was missing out on so much, most of all the "bromance" between JD and Turk. I mean, what's not to love? They share a stuffed dog named "Rowdy", like drinking Appletinis, playing hide the saltine and are members of the mighty kites club.

Chocolate Bear and Vanilla Bear Foreva!

4) Anna & Enrique

"Do you know? Do you know?" Forget that Kournikova tennis chick already! Enrique and our Anna would look extra hot together. Our group all knows that Anna needs her a luscious Latino lover.

3) Justin & Britney

I had to include them even though they are ancient history. I still get nostalgic when I see an old pic of J and B. Brit should definitely pay dues to the LRC..."Life Ruiner's Club" because she is the one who ruined her life with the whole Justin Break up.
I do have to add that we are glad that Britney is back, we were always pulling for her.

MFEO = Wearing matching Denim outfits. yessssssss

2) Ross & Rachel

He’s her Lobster !

1) JAM ( Jim & Pam)

We love Jim. We like Pam. So we definitely are all for the JAM.

yessssss for gas station proposals. JAM! JAM! JAM!


Summer said...

"He called her crazy to her face and she kept coming back for more." that quote is the story of my life.

This blog had so many great monments I don't know where to start. I need a separate blog on the following:

1. Paying dues to the life-ruining club (maybe I will blog this because it was my club)

2. a list of great leaners, just like Jordan Catalona.

hollie-o said...

yessssssssssss!!!!!!!! on so many levels -

I am a fan of vampire love...I think I may have one myself.

Lindsey & Jason said...

Latino lover...def. Annie!
and matching denim...awesome! Kendi that was a classic blog! LOVE IT!

Just Call Me Annie said...

possibly the best blog I have ever read! Kendi, the word "crazy" does not even begin to explain you, or for that matter, our entire group of friends...we are definitely beyond crazy...and for those of you agreeing with ANY part of this blog, consider yourself "Crazied". mmwwwhahahaha!

Lindsey & Jason said...

have "crazy" withdawls or how ever you spell it! Need a new posting!