Thursday, March 11, 2010

"Famous People are just more interesting"

This is a quote from one of my favorite movies of all time, “Almost Famous”, Kate Hudson says this while defending herself for not having enough “normal” friends. I can relate with Kate on some level. I think that I have always had a love or fascination…some could say obsession with famous people. I think it runs in our family though. My Mammaw kept a scrapbook of pictures of her favorite movie stars when she was my age. My sister’s and I always love to get it out and talk to her about the time when her and my Pappaw were next to Elvis Presley at a stop light and he was on his motorcycle, or the time when she was at the drive-in and John Payne, her favorite movie star was next to them with his wife and they struck up a conversation and got his autograph. That doesn’t just happen to anyone. So as I said this star crazed thing might run in my genes... I can’t help it.

Growing up I have always loved the Academy Awards. I used to tape it and watch the speeches over and over. I can still remember watching Cuba Gooding Jr’s acceptance speech for winning Best Supporting Actor in the movie Jerry McGuire. I remember feeling the excitement of seeing his once in a lifetime experience take place and what would be one of the best Oscar moments ever. Going to the Oscars is on my list of things to do in my life, or just being in LA during the Oscars. So, this past weekend Anna and I went to visit Lauddi and decided it was time to cross this off the list!

The Kodak theatre is open to the public to walk through days before the oscars. The red carpet is covered with a tarp though to keep it in tact. It was so fun to walk up the same carpet and stairs that the celebs would walk up on the day of.

These are 3 of my favorite movies of all time. Forrest Gump, Titanic and Shakespeare in Love. All 3 best picture winners.

I often read the blog for inspiration. Her posts are always fun and she loves a lot of the same people as I do. Her blog is the reason I stalked the “Scrubs” set and got a chance to be an extra on the show “Cougartown”. She gave a lot of tips on where to stalk during Oscar weekend, so I would like to give her credit for meeting and seeing all of these people!! We got to meet Lindsay this weekend and she was so nice, it was great to talk with her and get excited about all the celeb sitings together.

Throughout the weekend we went to different hotels and restaurants in Beverly Hills to try to spot some celebs…they were everywhere. We were very successful! We saw over 100 celebrities and got to have conversations/say hello to 5. We waved at many.yesssssss

The following list is who we saw pre Oscars. I highlighted our favorite sightings and interactions!!

The List

1. Elton John- He walked right past our table and then had dinner 2 tables away from us.

2. Ben Stiller

3. JJ Abrams- I wanted to scream LOST…or I love FELICITYYYY haha

4. Jake Gyllanhaal- HOT!

5. Taye Diggs

6. Neil Patrick Harris- I told him that I loved him and his show and that he was hilarious. He smiled and said thank you so much!! Anna goes, “Kendall!! You are crazy!” I said, “Hey I just talked to Neal Patrick Harris…did you?” hahahahah I guess I was crazy. No regrets.

7. Kate Beckinsale

8. Tim Robbins, I told him that I loved Shawshank…a little embarrassed for myself on that one.

9. David Denman- Roy from the Office- I yelled ROYYYYY at him. Unfortunate!

10. Adrian Brody

11 Jason Lewis (Smith from Sex and the City)-so I walked up to him and Topher Grace while waiting for the Valet and introduced myself. I conclude that they were flirting with me…

12 Topher Grace- He was taller than me, and I think he might have loved me! He thought we had met before, and I may or may not have went along with it. Our conversation was about 3 minutes which felt like 30. haha

13 Dane Cook- stood next to us waiting for valet…too nervous to say anything, he did not look approachable.

14 Ryan Seacrest- not as short as I thought

15Kristin Bell- she waved at us and said hi when walking by

16 Dax Shepard

17 Matthew Morrison (teacher from Glee) when walking by us he did a spin type dance move like he always does on the show and then pointed to us. Soooo cute.

18 Diana Agron (Quinn from Glee)

19 Mark Sailing (Puck from Glee)…Hottttttttttt and he waved at us.

20 Meg Ryan

21 Jamie fox

22. Ed Westick(chuck from gossip girl)

23 Jessica Schozr(Vanessa from Gossip Girl)

24 Leonardo Dicaprio- the ultimate celeb siting. He was wearing a baseball cap and did not look very friendly, but I was star struck. I heart LEO!!!

25 Hallie Berry

26 Kristin Davis

27 Tina Fey- walking around the lobby on her Blackberry, I wanted to scream Liz Lemon!!!!

28 Eric McCormick(Will from Will and Grace)-walked right by our table

29 Amy Adams

30 David Spade

31 Will I am (black-eyed peas) he waved at us!!

32 Christian Slater- very friendly waved at all of us!!

33 Sophia Vergara (Gloria on Modern Family)

34 Jesse Tyler Ferguson (Mitchell from Modern Family)- I told him while waiting for Valet that he was on the best show! He was very nice and obliged to my craziness and said “awwww thank you so much!!”

35 Matthew Rhys (Brothers and Sisters- Kevin) I introduced myself again waiting for Valet. I told him that he was the best character on that show. I watched the first season but no longer watch it. He was very nice and had an Irish accent I think. Haha. He loved us!

36 Dave Annabelle ( Brother’s and Sister’s)

37 Jason Reitman (Director of Up in the Air) walked right past our face

38 Jermaine Clement- Flight of the Conchords. He was not very nice to me. I wish Brett would have been there instead.

39 Stanley Tucci

40 George Takai (I recognized him from Heroes, but apparently if I were a star trek nerd I would have died because he is a star from that and announcer on the Howard Stern Show.

41 Taylor Lautner- walked past my face 3 times. So young. Yet Hot.

42 Fred Savage- walked past us 3 times

43 Matt Damon

44 Jimmy Kimmel

45 Mariska Harkatay

46 Lenny Kravitz

47 Stephen Spielberg

48 Morgan Freeman

49 Sandra Bullock

50 Ryan Reynolds

51 Anna Kendrick

52 Colin Firth

53 Timmothy Olyphant- (Jennifer Garners lover from the movie Catch and Release)

54 Elizabeth banks

55 Rashida Jones

56 Katie Couric

57 BJ Novak

58 Kevin Connely

59 John Hamm- Mad Men

60 Jennifer Westfeldt

61 Ron Livingston

Vanity Fair Party!!

We went to the Sunset Tower Hotel and stood in the front and watched as all the Stars arrived after the Oscars in their dresses and Tux’s, Oscar’s in hand.

62 Jay leno

63 Shawn White- wearing his American flag pants. Neat.

64 Mickey Rooney

65Apollo Ono

66 Evan Lysick

67 Chris Pine

68 Natalie Portman

69 John Voigt- (Angelina Jolie’s father and Oscar winner) came across to shake all of our hands, very nice man

70 Anna Paquin- came across to shake hands and sign autographs

71 Stephen Moyer- “TrueBlood” Anna Paquin’s fiancé came across to shake hands and sign autographs as well

72 Sandra bullock- we saw her carrying her Oscar!! Love her!!

73 Chris Noth-Big from SATC

74 Selma Hayak

75 Ryan Phillipe- Hottttt

76 Chevy Chase

77 Steve Martin

78 Diddy

79 Jonas bros

80 Jessica Simpson

81 Bradley Cooper- very Hottttt

82 Venus and Serena Williams

83 Maggie Gyllynhaal

84 Peter Sarsgaard

85 Rachel McAdams

86 Charlize Theron- beautiful!!

87 Cameron Diaz- she looked way hot

88 Jennifer Lopez

89 Marc Anthony

90 Samuel L Jackson

91 Woody Allen

92 Robin Thicke

93 Meryl Streep- star struck

94 Tom Hanks- I texted Heather and now she will not be my friend since we saw him

95 Alec Baldwin

96 Gabourey Sidibe- Lead Actress in “Precious”

97 Zoe Saldana- Avatar

98 Gabrielle Union

99 Russell Simmons

100.Katy Perry

101.Russell brand

102.Jesse James

103.Kristin Stewart

104.Gerard Butler

105.Mccauly culkin

106.Robert Downy Jr and wife

117.The Wayans bros

108.Hilary Swank

109.Sean Penn

110.Tyler Perry

111.Christine Taylor-Ben Stiller’s wife

112.Marissa Tomai

113.George Lopez

114.Catherine Bigalo- Oscars in hand

115.Sigorney Weaver

116.Zach Efron

117. Vanessa Hudgens

118.Carey Mulligan- An Education

119.Jodie Foster

120.Barbara Streisand

121.Diane Kruger

122.Joshua Jackson- I screamed Pacey!!!!!

123. Adrian Brody!!

This weekend was ridiculous. We unfortunately did not get a George Clooney or Jennifer Aniston sighting…but there is always next year!

Now we can finally cross off our list, walk the Oscar Red Carpet!!


Heather said...

Thats it. I am coming with you next year.

Summer said...

the only person missing is Tom Cruise!!!!! next year Im coming toooooo