Monday, April 6, 2009

"What's amazing is when you can feel your life going somewhere, like your life just figured out how to get good, like that second"

During spring break I went to visit my friend Laura (Lauddi), who recently moved to Malibu, California. So basically, it was one of the craziest trips I have ever been on. I keep reliving all of it in my head, and can't believe that most of it actually happened. I am currently planning on when I can go back, which is not soon enough!!

This is a picture of Lauddi and her horse, Lucky Lady in front of the house they are staying at.

I am going to have to break the trip down into different posts because there is just so much to tell. Well first off I will start by how I prepared for this trip. I decided that my goal while I was in LA was that I would find Zach Braff and make him fall in love with me...or at least just get a glimpse of him. I am crazy I know, but he is the one person I wanted to see. I am obsessed with Scrubs, and think we are MFEO. Anyways, while googling, "places where Zach Braff hangs out" like a crazy person I came across a blog titled, "". I immediatly was drawn in. This girl basically finds all of the places where movies and tv shows were shot in LA and posts there addresses. She also posts where to find a celebrity. So while looking at her blog in amazement I stumbled upon a post titled "My So Called Life House". I immediately freaked out and emailed Summer with the news. This is one of our favorite shows of all time, so I knew she would be crazy and get excited with me.

So once I arrived in LA I decided that would rent a car for the week because Lauddi had to work during the day. I do not know what I would have done with out the rent car or my handy GPS system guiding me through my craziness. So the first place that I had on my agenda was the Chase house from "My so Called Life". It is located in South Pasadena and was pretty easy to find. It was crazy to be there in person. As I pulled up to the house I saw that the windows were wide open and I could tell that it was empty. So I thought to myself, "who cares what people think, I am going to get out of my car and walk up onto that porch and do a twirl like Angela Chase did after her first kiss with Jordan Catalano". So after calling Summer and getting a pep talk I did just that.

It is a great house, I met one of the neighbors outside who was extremely nice and took a picture of me in front of the house. He told me he has lived in his house for 30 years now, so I got excited and thought that maybe he remembered when the show was being filmed. He said that there had been several things filmed in front of that house so he didn't remember it exactly. However when I told him about the show and when it was filmed he then informed me that he remembered high school kids and a girl with red hair and a backpack...which would have been the one and only, CLAIRE DANES!! I know most will not think that this is a cool experience but to me it was!! Here are a few pictures of the Chase house.

Above is the how the house looked on the show, below you can see that it has been painted. I love this house!! I love the porch and the balcony, and the street that it is on.

I also stalked the Wonder Years Home which is in Burbank, the Father of the Bride house, which is in South Pasadena as well and finally the Sacred Heart Hospital, where they film scrubs. My next post will be all about my Scrubs experience, which lead to several fun events!! Here are a few pics.

FATHER OF THE BRIDE!!! This is one of my favorite houses. There are tulips lining the walkway, just like they planted them for the wedding in the movie. I tried to see the basketball goal in the driveway where they played one-on-one but could not see because it was in the back. That is my favorite part of the movie. Such a great house.

WONDER YEAR HOUSE!!! Can't you just see the Arnold's rolling around and wrestling in the grass, like they did during the opening credits?

SCRUBS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TO BE CONTINUED...


Summer said...

Don't take your turns too wide. I know you won't.

Summer said...

Why are you like this?

Summer said...

My gifting does fall in the category of giving pep-talks to people who want to do crazy things. I.E: me and the Justin Timberlake/Butcher Knife incident.