Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Another Crazy in the Group

Heather Ammann is a 24 year old, but is not a single white female…sorry boys, she is engaged. She will be getting married next December after her fiancé Tyler finishes school!
Heather actually went to Mississippi State in Starksville, Mississippi where she played Soccer. She is currently pursuing a career in teaching and has fulfilled the requirements for her Alternative Certification. Heather has always been deemed the "Crazy" of the group and her Verbal Barrier is pretty close to being non-existent. She loves animals and is an active member of PETA (or at least she receives daily emails from the organization), in fact, it has been confirmed that in case of a fire Heather wouldn’t hesitate to save her cat Buddy before any one of us. I can’t make this stuff up, that is straight from the horse’s mouth. "Straight from the horse’s mouth" is a form of expression and is in no way me calling Heather a horse, in case some of you were confused. However, based on Heather’s love for animals and because she used to competitively ride horses the expression is quite appropriate. I apologize for the tangent. Heather is the last remaining blonde of the group, meaning she actually has blonde hair it has nothing to do with her inability to understand witty jokes and, furthermore, a scratch and sniff sticker at the bottom of the pool would not lead her to her death. Heather will fulfill any dare like a champ and usually the least afraid about what others will think of her…however if we ever get caught and kicked out of the movies for using the electronic ticket purchasing unit to buy movie tickets at the discounted Child price instead of the required Adult price it will be Heather’s fault.


Lindsey & Jason said...

relating "straight from the horses mouth" to her love for horses...GENIUS!

Summer said...

heather is for sure the craziest out of all of you. which also makes her very fun.

Just Call Me Annie said...

yeah, Heather needs to quit peer pressuring us into steeling those tickets from the movies!! Gosh, HEATHER!!!